Who is Weeds?  …that’s me, Nancy, and my wonderful team. I’m a designer who has worked for many years in both interior and landscape design.  I’m a licensed landscape contractor and have also a completed the Sustainable Landscape Professional Program with the City of Santa Monica Office of Sustainability and the Environment. I also consult for the City of Santa Monica regarding their sustainable landscape program. 

In my opinion and from my experience,  inside or outside your home, a beautiful space combines very similar design and practical elements: color, scale, proportion, texture, and light plus site constraints, projected use, personal style and budget. I use my experience and training as an interior designer combined with my knowledge of  horticulture and planting to create what is essentially your outdoor home. I started my own company to create and install  interesting, unique designs, and to do so in as sustainable a manner as possible.

What is sustainability in design?  Well to me, very simply, it is making a space that treads as lightly as possible on our particular environment in both the short and long term.  That means, design that pays attention to: reusing and recycling materials (both yours and others), irrigating with low-water and sensibly engineered systems, growing climate appropriate and native plants and vegetables, limiting chemical pesticides, herbicides, toxic finishes and paints, using local craftsmen, materials and products where possible, and most importantly, giving you, your friends and family a space that will be enjoyed for years and that will evolve with you as a result of intelligent and thoughtful design.

How do you juggle the environmental versus the practical?  I try to keep a balance between design, functionality and sustainability – If I can do it and the client wants it, I will try my hardest to fulfill the abc’s of walking lightly on your piece of Southern California.  But I won’t sacrifice a client’s wishes if something doesn’t fall directly in line with my philosophy – after all you are the end-user, and so I try to be as conscientious as possible, while still making you happy.  And most of the time, it’s easier than you think to keep things green.

Everyone on my team understands that we are working in your space. The job site must be kept clean and safe, with noise levels at a minimum.  We make sure to utilize our days fully, and will tailor our hours to any special schedule you may have.

We are a design firm that looks at the big picture. We take into account who you are, what you want to do with your space, what is your personal style, timeline, wish list and desired expenditure.  Then we mix that up with environmentally-friendly, creative ideas and solutions to give you that amazing place that you have always wanted.


Let us help to inspire you.

First, we listen to to your thoughts, wants and needs so that we understand what it is that you are looking for in your space. We consider the project’s budget, scope and schedule and questions like: Is there a special event coming up that you need everything completed in time for?  Is your budget on a budget? Are you only interested in a specific area or service, such as irrigation or the addition of a single element?

Our job as a landscape design firm is to take all this information and combine it with our knowledge, design sense and experience to come up with some great ideas that you will love.


The design process actually begins when you arrange a consultation with us. This step is invaluable – it is critical to develop an affinity between designer and client which will continue throughout the design/install/sustain process.

This mutual understanding, along with site photos and measurements, allows us to develop ideas specifically for your space.  At this point, we submit concept photos and sketches to you.

With approval of the design direction, we then submit drawings and plant & material palettes for your perusal.

Then we generate the final drawings, which include detailed hardscape and planting plans, irrigation plans, installation details and specifications, suitable for submission to city or county planning for approval, should that be required.

Of course every project is different, so the design process for yours can be shorter or longer as is necessary.


And the fun begins.  Our team works together manage your project from start to finish while providing exceptional customer care.

Some of our clients know every aspect they want to complete in a project, and others have only a partial idea of the work needed for their landscape project. Either way, we will be there to help you finalize your plans, from the initial consultation, on-site assessment and finally, to construction.

The Weeds team has many years of experience in overcoming even the most difficult problems landscapes design projects can present. We also offer a consulting service to help manage the landscaping process and liase with contractors and architects if needed.

Every step of the installation of your project is carefully executed.  We make sure to communicate with your regularly either in person, or by email or phone for the duration of the project.  And before you know it, your new space will be ready to try out!


Once your beautiful space is complete, we can help you to sustain it.  For your garden, we can provide you with a complete plant list, detailing specific plant needs so that you can do it yourself.  If you would like a bit more help, we will develop a custom care schedule to tend to things in a sustainable and organic fashion, or we can recommend someone that will take care of things for you.