"I've worked with Nancy Knapp twice now.  The first time was to completely re-do my yard to make it easier care and more water efficient - it included removing all the grass and replacing it with native bushes and succulents; removing tired brick planters around the front of the building; removing cemented areas in the back, replacing it with an attractive walkway and plants, and re-using the cement that was removed to add some interesting pathways in the front of the building; and adapting the above-ground sprinklers to a drip irrigation system.  Nancy worked with me to come up with a design that was practical and attractive, she got and complied with all the permits from the city to work in the parkway area, her team worked efficiently and cleanly, and the job was finished on time. I worked with her again three years later to make a few updates, replace an old lemon tree with a new bushier plant, and do some maintenance work on the drip irrigation system.  Again, her people did the work quickly and cleanly, Nancy was on hand to make sure everything was done as we'd discussed, and the work was completed on time. I like working with Nancy.  She's easy to talk with and to understand what she has in mind to do.  She listened to what I wanted and gave me different options.  She was cognizant of cost limitations and stayed within our agreed budget.  When I need work done again - and in every garden, there is work over-and-above the weekly gardeners upkeep that needs to be done occasionally - I will definitely call her. Lastly, it's been very nice to receive compliments from tenants and neighbors on how nice everything looks."

-Teri L.

"I was looking for a landscaper who not only knew about plants, but who also had the right aesthetic to modernize my townhouse patio and upper deck. Nancy Knapp, the owner, turned out to be the perfect hire for my job. She and Isabelle, a designer who worked on our project, provided a well thought out proposal and schematic. They really listened to me and addressed any concerns I had, ensuring that I was satisfied every step of the way. Once the 4-day project was underway, they both came to the site to trouble shoot and make sure everything ran smoothly, which of course, it did. Nancy's entire team (designer, installers, and irrigation specialist) was terrific. My experience of working with Weeds was exceptional right from the start and straight through to the follow-up. I would definitely use Nancy again and would highly recommend Weeds for any size project you have."

-Vicki D.

"Nancy and her team redid the back yard of a friend of ours and we loved the result so we contacted her to redo our backyard.  Our backyard is on a hillside and it was a bit of a wild mess.  Nancy transformed our yard from an ugly, unusable mess to something that we enjoy every day.  She pulled almost everything out, planted a bunch of native plants and fruit trees, and created a flat area for our son to play soccer on.  What I like about Nancy is that she doesn't just install and then walk away.  We had some plants that didn't survive a heatwave shortly after she planted them.  She came back and replaced all the ones that didn't make it.  And she came back a couple of times after that to tweak some of the lighting issues we were encountering.
The yard has grown in nicely over the past 2 years and we're still enjoying it and very happy that we chose her to do the work.  She's also a very nice person and easy to work with.  I'd definitely recommend her."
-Anne R.